Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This tutorial was written by MagsTags on June 25, 2013. Resemblance to any other tutorial is totally coincidental. Please do not copy or claim as your own or paste this tutorial anywhere on the Internet without written permission. Anything you create from this tutorial should be for personal use only. No profit is to be made from your results. It is strictly forbidden to Script or Translate my tutorials. You should have some basic knowledge of PSP. I use PSP9 to create my tutorials, any other version should work.

Made this Tag with the Awesome 
artwork of ©Tony Tzanoukakis 
which can be purchased @ (TTZ)
Used the Matching Scrap Kit,
By "Irish Princess Designs"
You can purchase @ 
 Drop Shadow stays the same unless
otherwise indicated.
C/P = Copy/Paste
ANL= As New Layer
NRL= New Raster Layer
DS= Drop Shadow
NRL - New Raster Layer
R= Resize
LD= Layer Duplicate

Let's Begin!
Open Tube (Shift-D) close original.
Transparent Image 700 x 700


  Elements Used
  Frame C/P ANL R-60% Add DS 2, 2, 55, 5
Deform Tool - Tilt left a bit
Chair C/P ANL R-80% Add DS
Adjust  - Sharpness - Sharpen
Magic Wand - Click inside Frame
Selections - Modify - Expand by 8
Layer - New Raster Layer
Arrange - Move Down
Paper2 C/P Into Selection
Select None
Click Layer Raster 3
Lamp C/P ANL R-60% Add DS
Click Layer Raster 2
Pillar C/P ANL Add DS
Pillows C/P ANL R-60% Add DS
Flowers C/P ANL R-40% Add DS
Bird C/P ANL R-30% Add DS 1,3,35,3
Bow C/P ANL R-25% Add DS
Bottle C/P ANL R-20% Add DS
LD 4-5 times and resize to 80% each time
and position like mine.
Click Layer Raster 2
Feather C/P ANL R-60%
Circle Burst C/P ANL R-60% Add DS
LD - Image - Flip this Raster and then
move down under Raster 6
Click Layer Raster 1
Sun C/P ANL R-160% Add DS
Circles C/P ANL Add DS
LD - Image - Flip - Image - Mirror
Image Resize 80%
**All Layers Checked**
Add tube of choice
Resize if necessary
**All Layers Unchecked**
Click Layer Raster 7
LD - Move to the Top
Resize 30% Add DS
LD 2 X's and position
Add ©Copyright info and Name
Save as PNG
Your Done!
♥Hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial
as mush as I did making it.♥ 
I would love to see your results so
I may post them on my Blog.
Email me @
with the Tutorial Name
on the Subject Line.
Hugs, MagsTags

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