Sunday, August 9, 2015

Romancing August ♥

This tutorial was written by MagsTags on 8.09.15. Resemblance to any other tag is totally coincidental. Please do not cop or claim as your own or paste this tutorial anywhere else on the internet without my permission. Anything you create from this tutorial should be for personal use only. No profits should be made from your results. It is strictly forbidden to script or translate my tutorials. You should have some basic knowledge of PSP, I use PSP 9 to create my tutorials by any version should work. All kits and tubes are PTU (Paid to Use) and I will provide a link to where they may be purchased. If it's a FTU (Free to Use) I might use one, I will provide the link to where you can download it.
©MagsTags Tutorial 2015
Material needed:
PSP9 or any version should work
Mask: by Riapspparadise Mask22_zpssaomfco0
Font used: Thats Font Folks
A Tube of your choice. I used the wonderful artwork of ©Enamorte
"Enamorte Indivitual Tube 45-2" which can be purchased
@ Creative Design Outlet CDO
CT PTU Scrap Kit used the beautiful "ScrapKitHH_RomancingAugust
By designer Hungry Hill-Alison, can be purchased at CDO
Let's Begin!

Open New Image 700 x 700 (you can always resize later. Open tube and mask on your work space and duplicate (Shift-D) and now close the original.


Elements Used
Open Frame 3 Copy/Paste as new layer and resize 65%
Image Rotate - Free rotate 15-left
move up and positon.
Use your magic wand and click inside frame
go to Selecions - Modify - Expand 10
Click Raster 1
Open Paper-8 Copy/Paste into selection
Click Raster 2 and add drop shadow 4,4,42,10 two times.

Open Ribbon-1 Copy/paste as new Layer and resize 65%
position and add drop shadow - Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen
Open Flowers 6, 5, 2 Copy/paste as new layer
and resize 35 and add drop shadow.
Click Raster 2
Open Flower-3 Copy/Paste as new layer and resize 45%
add drop shadow - Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen

Open Leaves Copy/Paste as new layer and resize 65%
add drop shadow - Layers - Arrange - send to bottom
Layers duplicate - image mirror
Open Leaves-4 Copy/Paste as new layer resize 45%
add drop shadow - use eraser to clean end of stem.
Open Lanterns Copy/Paste as new layer and resize 45%
add drop shadow - also use the eraser to clean the top
of the lanterns over the ribbon
Open Ribbons-2 Copy/Paste as new layer and resize 65%
Add drop shadow
Raster 9
Open Vine-2 Copy/Paste as new layer and resize 65%
Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen

To add mask
Layers - New Raster Layer
Layers - Arrange - Send to bottom
Selections - Select All
Open Paper-3 Copy/Paste as new layer
From Image - click on the arrow and locate our mask
mask22-zpssaomfco0 and click ok
Layers - Merge group - Selections - Select None
Use move tool to position - layer duplicate
image - mirror - image flip

To Add Text
Click on text tool
Choose your font choice or the one I used
That's Font Folks size 30
Colors D9A4A7 - 7D2300
Drop Shadow 4,4,42,2
IBEL: #2 15,21,7,0,40,White,49,34,55

Add tube of choice!!
Add © copyright information, license number and any
text or name you want at this time.
For the © symbol you use ALT-0169
I always use Font Verdana size 7 for my copyright info.

Your done!
Thanks so much for doing this tutorial,
I wish you had as much fun as I did making it.
Would love to see your results, please send to my
email @ MagsTags


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